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About Sondra

I am a Celebrant... A lover of life & love!

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I am a professional Ceremony Designer, contemporary Metaphysical Minister, a Certified Celebrant®, licensed BC Marriage Officiant, and a lover of love and life!

My intuitive and artful approach to ceremony design is shaped by my lifelong career in the arts as a Stylist, Painter, Interior designer, Writer, and more. Throughout my experiences, I’ve cultivated a unique approach for serving a richly diverse clientele who share a penchant for the exceptional and extraordinary.

I help guide the spoken words of things already understood, (but sometimes too big to say without help), into everything you wanted in a ceremony, but didn’t know how.

I’m inspired by travel and people: their cultural traditions, their customs, their stories, their lives. I’m a LGBTQ2+ ally and have a deep respect for individual lifestyles, beliefs and choices.

My ceremonies are a bridge to merge, connect, celebrate, and honour what is most important to us during life’s most significant moments.

In my second decade of Celebrantcy, I feel fortunate to do what I love and consider it a privilege to create and officiate curated one-of-a-kind ceremonies.

You are truly and very authentically, lively, funny and cheerful. As I have gotten to know you a bit over these last two years, I have found you are also wider and deeper than your smile; you also have a tenderness, a sense of empathy and compassion and justice, and those traits make you even more interesting to me.

– Barbara P.

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