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About Me

I am a Celebrant... A lover of life & love!



about: sondra richardson

I am a Ceremony Designer, contemporary Metaphysical Minister, a certified Celebrant, licensed BC Marriage Officiant, a lover of love and a lover of life, and all it encompasses!

I’m inspired by people; their cultures, their customs, their stories, their lives. I am a LGBTQ2-ally, and have a deep respect for individual lifestyle, beliefs and choices.

I’m also a painter, a designer, a storywriter, a crafty-thing-maker & repurposed-stuff-creator. I’m a philanthropist, a trial-by-error gardener, an experimental cook, a thrift-store-vintage-treasure-hunting-junkie, a traveler, an adventurer, a happy wife and doggy-mama, and last but not least, an exuberant human and frequent laugher… who’s crazy about licorice and salt & vinegar chips – together or separate.

With over a decade of ‘Celebranting’, I feel fortunate to do what I love, and truly love what I do, and consider it an privilege to be spreading the love by creating and performing personalized one-of-a-kind ceremonies that commemorate & celebrate love and life for all people, all beliefs.


about celebrants

A graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, I am a trained, certified ceremony professional richly schooled in the art of ritual and ceremony. The CF&I’s gold standard, college-level coursework ensures graduates enter the field as master co-creators and performers of ceremonies that reflect the needs and beliefs of the people they are honouring. As professionals, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® abide by a code of ethics, a nondiscrimination policy.

Ordained with CIMM, I am an active participant and facilitator of spiritual community connection… Compassion & Unity via word, movement, song, healing, prayer and meditation, ceremony, ritual, workshops and study groups.

We officiate all types of ceremonies, including:

  • baby namings, blessings and adoption ceremonies
  • birthday celebrations
  • transition ceremonies
  • weddings and commitment ceremonies
  • pop-up weddings
  • elopements
  • vow renewals and anniversaries
  • retirement
  • memorials & celebrations of life
  • and any life event you would like to commemorate

My mission is to create a ceremony that reflects you — your beliefs, cultural background, values, and tastes.