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life is amazing. celebrate.

What will you remember most about your celebration?

Stories. Memories marked by your heart … words spoken and the commitment that you as a couple make on your special day, lay the foundation for your future together…

Creating your ceremony is a wonderful adventure of exploration and treasure hunting. By taking the time to learn your unique story, expectations, and what matters to you the most, together we collaborate and craft an amazing ceremony that is a unique reflection of who you are… it’s anything but generic, and will be a magical memory long after your celebration.

Own your ceremony

In the excitement and whirl of planning your big day, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of colours, décor, dresses, etc. However, the most important piece of the ‘preparation puzzle’ is the internal journey you each take, merging together on your wedding day… and it is the ceremony that commemorates that.

Traditionally speaking, there is the old & new, borrowed & blue, an exchange of rings sealed with a kiss, but there are also endless exciting elements to make your ceremony rich and uniquely yours… Vows you have written with a sentence or two in your sweetheart’s language of origin, rituals derived from your heritage and beliefs… breaking a glass, breaking bread, or lyrics from your favourite song. A marriage is the union of two people, and entwines the lives of two families and two communities…

Let’s find what is right for you, and significant to your families and guests.